CPR, First Aid, & AED

CPR, First Aid, and AED Classes in Georgia and South Carolina

AED Training

Who Needs AED Certification?

If you have an AED on-site, any “expected users” are required to have AED Certification.  AED certification is also required for fitness professionals and is required by DBHDD for those who serve individuals with special needs.

Why Use an AED?

Using an AED for someone in cardiac arrest in the first few minutes will triple the chance of recovery. Having hands-on experiences is vital.

How to Get CPR Certified

Onsite training

We come to your facility and train your staff at your convenience. You will receive hands-on training with CPR manikins and AED trainers.

In metro Atlanta or Augusta, we do ask for a minimum of 8 during the week and 12 on Saturday. For other areas view our minimum page to learn more.

Participants earn a 2 year CPR, First Aid, AED ASHI Certification. This meets Bright From the Start requirements in Georgia and Endeavors guidelines in South Carolina. Training meets the requirements for DDHDD, DSS, NAEYC, Foster Care Parents, and more.

$40 a person

Blended Online Training

Blended online training allows you to do your training from the comfort of your home. This also works great if you do not have enough for the minimum.

  • Classes are done at your own pace through the ASHI portal.
  • After completing the online class, they will receive a 45-day certificate until participants complete a hands-on skills check.
  • The hands-on portion is done in small groups and takes about 15 minutes per group.
  • Participants earn a 2 year CPR & First Aid certification after skills check. This meets Bright From the Start requirements in Georgia and South Carolina Endeavors guidelines. As well as the requirements for DDHDD, DSS, NAEYC, Foster Care Parents, and more.

$40 a person. No minimum is required.

Skills Checks

After completing your online training, you will need to do an in-person CPR and AED skills check. We have locations across Georgia and South Carolina.    

This is usually done outside in small, socially distanced groups. 

If you would like to host an on-site skills check, there is a $50 fee (total);  this is waived if you have 6 or more people. You can request one here

Pediatric Self-Paced CPR, First Aid, & AED

Pediatric Self-Paced CPR, First Aid, & AED

 Includes: Adult/Child/Infant CPR and First Aid geared towards children.

Audience: Child Care Professionals, teachers, foster parents, babysitters, and Nannies.   The online course plus the hands-on skills check meets requirements for Bright from the Start and SC Endeavors.

Course Length: 57 modules

Price: $45 per person

Adult Self-Paced CPR, First Aid, & AED

Adult Self-Paced CPR, First Aid, & AED

Includes: Adult/Child CPR and First Aid geared towards adults.

Audience: Senior Care Professionals, Direct Support Professionals, fitness professionals, and workplace.

Course Length: 50 modules

Price: $45 per person

Available in English and Spanish

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Based on 1,760 Reviews


First Response Safety Training classes are always very professional and informative. The teachers make the classes enjoyable. Kelly is always very helpful whenever I need to schedule classes for my staff. Highly recommend this company for your CPR and Fire Safety trainings.


Instructor was amazing, and I never lost my attention or felt bored at all! Confident, firm and loud voice. Very great demonstration and references towards the class.


We love having First Response come to our center to do trainings. They are always very professional and thorough. If you need CPR, First Aid or Fire Safety, they are amazing!


Patti was great, very informative and retaught me things I’ve learned the wrong way through life. I appreciate her for her time.


This was the most informative and hands-on cpr class I have taken in the 13 yrs I've taken classes. Our instructor was awesome! Thanks, Jeff Rowland!


Mr. Matthew Enser was an amazing instructor!! His level of expertise and knowledge of First Aid, CPR and Fire Safety was spot on and I feel more confident in those skills as well. Truly enjoyed this informative training.


I really enjoyed my hybrid online CPR, First Aid, and AED training with First Response. My instructor helped me along the way and helped if I had any questions. Would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for CPR, First Aid or AED Training in Georgia or South Carolina.


Tom was a great instructor and kept me engaged after a work day! I also learned several tips and facts. Many thanks to Tom and the First Response Safety Training team.


I am sooooo happy and knowledgeable after taking the fire and safety class. That is the very BEST class ever in my 64th years of living on this earth!!!!. The instructor was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!.....THE VERY BEST!!!!!!!!!


My First Aid/CPR class was led by Tom and he’s the best instructor I’ve ever had. What I appreciated most is that He’s prompt (arrived on time) and is very engaging- he really kept it interesting by sharing personal anecdotes that were entertaining and educational at the same time. Tom’s teaching style is great because he made it easier to remember lots of very important info by telling stories that stick with you. I highly recommend. Thanks Tom!


Instructors were very clear and easy to understand. Made sure everyone understood the content we were learning, and answered every question. Would recommend to everyone! Learned so many things I was not aware of.


Tom was wonderful. He was very informative and a great instructor. He made sure each group did each technique that was taught correctly. Everyone really enjoyed his teaching. Thank you!


Ms. Laura was amazing, she was very precise and informative. I appreciate the knowledge shared. Continue to educate on the importance of safety.


I learned a lot of things that I did not concerning fires. I didn’t know batteries in a junk drawer could ignite and start a fire!


Attended First Aid and CPR classes today. Great experience, excellent instructor! Entertaining and instructional at the same time. My attention never wavered. Thank You.


The class was amazing. Mrs. Patti was so informative. She was very open and honest with our class about her experiences and how they really are beneficial in every environment. I would definitely recommend her, and take her class again, truly was a wonderful experience!

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