BLS Training

Basic Life Support Classes

Basic Life Support (BLS) is emergency medical care provided by first responders, healthcare providers, and public safety professionals to persons experiencing respiratory or cardiac arrest. BLS is for licensed healthcare professionals such as doctors, nurses, and dental professionals.

BLS includes Adult/Child/Infant CPR, use of automated external defibrillators (AEDs), and techniques to relieve airway obstruction in patients of every age. Since licensed health care professionals are already educated on how to respond in first aid situations, it does NOT include First Aid.

First Response has been partnering with healthcare professionals across Georgia and South Carolina for over 23 years.

BLS training for dentist

How to Get BLS Certified

Elder Care BLS Training

Onsite training

Training scheduled at your office, at your convenience. 

In the metro Atlanta or Augusta area, we ask for a group of 6 or more during the week, 12 or more on the weekend. In other areas, the minimum class size varies.

Participants earn a two year ASHI certification upon completion. Meets the requirements for dental professionals in Georgia and South Carolina.

$40 per person

Blended Online Training

Blended online training allows you to do the instruction portion of the training from the comfort of your home. This also works great if you do not have enough for the minimum.

  • Coursework is done online. It is a self-paced class that can be done at your convenience.
  • After completing the online coursework, participants will complete a hands-on skills check.
  • The hands-on portion is done in small groups and takes about 20 minutes per group.
  • There are NO REFUNDS for the online training once they are entered into the ASHI system. Please double-check your list before registering.

$45 per person. No minimum is required.

Skills Checks

After completing your online training, you will need to do an in-person CPR skills check. We have locations across Georgia and South Carolina.    

This is usually done outside in small, socially distanced groups. 

If you would like to host an on-site skills check, there is a $50 fee (total);  this is waived if you have 6 or more people. You can request one here

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