Fire Safety Certification

Fire Safety Classes in Georgia

In a fire, you only have minutes to escape. Do you have a plan for your home and your facility?

Fire Safety Training is designed to help your staff prevent fires and to respond appropriately in an emergency. You will learn about Fire Prevention, Fire Safety equipment, evacuation plans, and more.

Our instructors are certified through the Georgia Fire Marshal and our fire safety classes meet the requirements for child care and elder care facilities. 

With over 23 years of experience, First Response knows how to tailor the training for your group. You can either host a fire safety class at your facility or your staff can sign up for one of our online fire safety classes via Zoom.

How to Get Fire Safety Certified

Fire Safety Classes in Georgia

Onsite training

We come to your facility and train your staff at your convenience. In this class, you will learn about best practices for Fire Safety, and learn how you can teach your students or residents about Fire Safety.

All staff working in a Georgia childcare or eldercare facility is required by the fire marshal to complete Fire Safety.

In metro Atlanta or Augusta, we ask for a minimum of 8 during the week and 12 on Saturday. For other areas, view our minimum page to learn more. If you don’t have enough for the minimum, our state approved online training is a great option.

Participants earn a 3 year Fire Safety Certification. It is approved by the Georgia State fire marshal’s office. 

$25 per person

Online Fire Safety Certification

Online Training

This is the same great class but offered via Zoom and does not require a minimum.

  • Classes are done online in a Live Zoom Training with an Instructor.
  • They will complete an online test to show their knowledge.
  • Will be sent certificate and places in the state system.
  • This is an instructor-led Fire Safety course that is held via Zoom.

Course meets the Fire Safety requirements for child care and elder care professionals in Georgia. It is approved by the Georgia State fire marshal’s office.

Just like a traditional class, participants can interact with their instructor and ask questions. the instructor can tailor the class to the specific needs of the participants.

This class takes approximately 3 hours.

$25 a person. No minimum is required.

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