Meet Christian!

Christian Cangelosi
Christian Cangelosi

Christian Cangelosi

CPR, First Aid, and Fire Safety Instructor

Christian has been with First Response since shortly after graduating high school in 2016, having completed nursing school while teaching CPR, First Aid, and Fire Safety Courses.

“Nothing is more interesting than the knowledge that could save a life; therefore I teach every class reciprocating that sincere enthusiasm, knowing that if I can get my students excited to save a life then the knowledge they acquire will endure. My favorite compliment to receive following a class is that it was a fun learning environment. I have just as much fun teaching today as I did four years ago.” – Christian

Outside of First Response, he can be found running, playing sports, and playing computer games. His most fulfilling environment is making a difference in the lives of his patients at the hospital.

A little more…

Hobbies: Running, Sports, PC Gaming

Music: Orchestral

Passion: The Healthcare Setting

Food: Gumbo

Movies: How to Train Your Dragon

Books: The Lord of the Rings Trilogy