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Jeff Rowland
Jeff Rowland Fishing

Jeff Rowland

CPR, First Aid, and Fire Safety Instructor

Jeff has been with First Response since October of 2017. He teaches CPR, First Aid, and Fire Safety Courses in West Georgia.

He was first certified as an emergency responder in 1995. Before joining First Response, Jeff taught multiple types of classes for two different safety companies. He has been teaching CPR & Fire classes since 2014.

“I love connecting with my students and sharing all I can to prepare them in case there is an emergency.

Out of all the different entities I have represented throughout the years, First Response delivers the most impactful training and gives their students a stronger sense of empowerment and I am grateful to be representing a firm that delivers good training and has developed much integrity with their over 20 years of experience.” – Jeff

Outside of First Response, Jeff can be found spending time with his family. He and his wife Shelley also love to travel to Georgia and hike. When Jeff has time to himself, you can usually find him fishing or playing his guitar and writing songs. Sometimes he gets a call to go golfing and he will do it but… (He’d rather fish than golf).

In the past, Jeff ran a fishing guide service and wrote hundreds of outdoor articles for many different newspapers and magazines. Jeff is also the author of – The Reel Adventures of a Marion County Angler and in his spare time is working on his second book.

A little more…

Hobbies: Fishing, hiking, and golfing

Passion: Teaching

Food: Fish