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Tara Mears
Tara & Brad Mears

Tara Mears

CPR, First Aid, Fire Safety Instructor

Tara has been with First Response for over 9 years; she taught from 2004 to 2013 and returned in 2022. She teaches CPR, First Aid, and Fire Safety Courses primarily online.

“Working at First Response is a wonderfully rewarding job. It gives me the opportunity to actively engage in teaching others how to properly respond in emergency situations. I’ve found that my students come away with a greater understanding of the importance of safety, as well as having the knowledge and skills to potentially save the lives of family members and others in need. The satisfaction gained by knowing that I help increase peoples’ level of preparedness for emergency situations is invaluable.” – Tara

Outside of First Response, she has worked in a variety of healthcare related fields, and spends time with her family, including her husband, kids, and grandchild.

Tara is one of our writers here at First Response. You can view articles by Tara here.

A little more…

Hobbies: Watching Lacrosse

Passion: Family and Health Care