Class Pricing

Depending on the course and format, our classes differ in cost. Note that on-site classes require a minimum number of participants, this depends on region. We offer classes across Georgia and South Carolina starting at $25 a person. 

Class Minimum

We serve the entire state of Georgia and South Carolina, but to host a class with First Response you are responsible for a minimum number of participants. This is decided by region and day of the week.

Georgia Minimum Participants for Class

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South Carolina Minimum Participants for Class

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Don’t have enough?

Online options

If you don’t have the minimum we have a few options. Our online, “live learning classes” are great choices and allow more flexibility for you and your staff. We also have at your own pace classes that are great options for those who need it quicker or need AED certification.

Hosting with less than the minimum

There are two more options. If you are willing to open your class to others, we can post it on our website for others to join. Depending on your area we can usually find enough to cover your minimum. If you would prefer to have the class be only your staff you are still welcome to host the class but the charge is still based on the minimum number of people.