ZOLL® AED 3 Bundle


The ZOLL AED 3 has video and voice prompts to guide you through the use of the AED and performing CPR. It also monitors your compressions to help you give high-quality compressions. The pads are universal to adult, child, and infant, making it easy and quick to use by just selecting the age on the device.

This Package Includes:

  • AED
  • AED Cabinet
  • Fast Response Kit
  • Adults / Pediatric Universal Pads
  • 1 Year of AED365 Management


Product Description

The ZOLL® AED 3 is the latest ZOLL AED to hit the market. The ZOLL AED 3 continues with the ZOLL tradition for design, dependability, durability, and performance. The AED 3 comes with a color touchscreen LCD display, Real CPR Help®, is WiFi-enabled for Program Management, Defibrillator Dashboard™ Cloud Connection, RescueNet® Case Review ™, clinical event case push, and UTC synchronization.
  • Enhanced Real CPR Help
    • The CPR Dashboard shows the actual depth and rate of compressions displayed numerically, along with elapsed time, CPR cycle count, shocks delivered, and ECG.
  • Integrated Pediatric Rescue
    • The ZOLL AED 3 makes pediatric rescue simple with the CPR Uni-padz III (or the Pedi-padz II for the BLS model) electrodes and a child mode setting which configures the AED’s algorithm and delivers child-appropriate treatment without an attenuator.
  • Rugged Design
    • Built to function in extreme environments with an IP Rating of 55 and a 1-meter drop-test rating.
  • Wifi and USB Connectivity
  • AED 3 and AED 3 BLS offer features designed to fit the responder
    • The AED 3 is designed for the lay rescue responder and features the CPR Uni-Padz III electrodes for either adult or child rescues. The AED 3 BLS is designed for professional responders featuring the same defib monitor found on ZOLL’s ALS devices while the dashboard has expanded displays with an ECG monitor also found on ZOLL’s ALS devices.
  • Includes CPR Uni-padz III Adult/Pediatric Electrodes (CPR Stat-Padz Electrodes for the BLS model), and a non-rechargeable lithium battery.
  • 8-year warranty (6-year Standard Warranty plus 2-years with Registration)

Learn more about this device by clicking here to read the ZOLL 3 brochure.

AED365 Management Plan:

This is a paid application that helps you keep up with the maintenance of your AED with regular reminders to your phone and maintenance plan. This package comes with 1 year of this program and once one year is up, you can choose to extend or cancel the plan from renewing.

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