How To Use the New Fire Safety System in Georgia

by | Sep 12, 2022

The Office of Commissioner of Insurances and Fire and Life Safety of Georgia has come out with a new system to process Fire Safety courses and certification. While the old system is still up, they are moving to this new process effective immediately and the old system will soon disappear. This new system is can be tough to understand, so that is why we made a step-by-step guide for you. If you would like a printable version of this guide that includes QR codes and images, click here.

One note: if you are taking a class with us, we handle step 1-4 for you. So if you are taking the class with us, know that we have you covered.

1. Create Your Account

Go to

Enter all your information. (Tip – You can skip “Region” if you find it confusing, but this is broken into North, Middle, and South Georgia)
Click “SAVE” at the bottom

2. Set Your Password

Head over to your email. Click on the link, and we recommend you set your password to “firesafety”.

You’ll need this id and password later, so write
them down!

3. “Apply” & Connect With Your Facility

Here’s where it gets a little tricky! You need to tell the system you’re a caregiver and where you work. If you just created your password, you should already be signed in. If not, go to and sign in!

Once you are logged in Click on “Application” then do the following:

  1. Find Caregiver (student) application. Click “Apply Now”.
  2. Select your facility name from the dropdown box.
  3. Sometimes it takes a little bit for this dropdown box to populate, so be patient.
  4. For “Application License Level” select Initial
  5. Enter Today’s Date
  6. Enter Password
  7. Hit Submit
  8. Make sure you wait until the record is submitted before you leave the screen. This can take several minutes.

4. Register For Your Class

Hurray! You’ve made it this far.

  1. If you’re still logged in, click on “Education
  2. Look for your class in the list on the right. Click on it.
  3. Click on “Register for Course”
  4. Don’t worry! If you struggle with this step, the instructor can always add you later.

5. Print Your Certificate

  1. Go back to (one last time!) and sign in.
  2. Click on Education then My Courses
  3. Click on “PDF” on the far right to print.

Need Help

Please email for help or to provide feedback.

Step-by-Step videos are available at

Please Contact If You Need To:

  • Change your name
  • Change your affiliation
  • Have trouble locating/printing your certificate

Need to Take Fire Safety In Georgia?

We have in person and online options to get Fire Safety certified in Georgia. If you would like to host a Fire Safety class, click here. If you would like to join a class or sign up your team for an online or in person class, click here.

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