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by | Jan 14, 2021

Free Fire Safety Resources for Preschoolers

The U.S Fire Administration (USFA) has partnered with Sesame Street to develop a complete fire safety program for preschoolers. With Lesson Plans, coloring sheets, songs, posters, and a family guide to send home, the Sesame Street Fire Safety Station provides preschool teachers all the tools they need to increase awareness with their children and parents. Best of all, it’s all FREE!

  • Color and Learn – Fire safety coloring and activities booklet for children ages 3-5. Available in both English and Spanish.
  • Educator guide – Contains easy-to-use lessons, games and activities for teachers. 
  • Family guide – Information to help families practice fire safety at home. 
  • Poster (English/Spanish) – A poster with safety tips from Firefighter Grover.
  • Songs and stories – recordings of the English and Spanish songs and stories included in the Sesame Street program.
Sesame Street Coloring Sheet
FREE Coloring sheets make for great activities after your monthly fire drills to reinforce learning.

Curious vs Troubled Fire Setters

When teaching kids about Fire Safety, it is helpful to understand how different children will respond to the topic. If you ever see a child playing with fire, it is likely for one of two reasons. They either are curious fire setters or troubled fire setters. This means they could just be curious and want to learn or they are doing it because of a stressful incident. Learn more about the difference: curious vs troubled fire setters here.

About First Response

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