The Power of Reviewing

by | Oct 11, 2021

If you’re not using a skill on a regular basis, it is easy to forget the skills learned and knowledge. Several studies have demonstrated that CPR-specific skills and knowledge deteriorate within 3 to 6 months of initial training.

To keep your skills fresh, we recommend that you review provided teaching materials on a regular basis. To make this evening better, we now also have helpful videos to help you see visually what you have learned. No matter what class you took with us, it is always important for you to review what you learned. If you are the supervisor, then it’s not only important for you to review, but to have your staff review what they learned. We want to make that easy at First Response and here is what we recommend.

CPR & First Aid Review

We recommend at least every 6 months you take 15 mins to read through your handout, especially the CPR quick reference guide and the 911 review page. Take a few minutes to watch the demonstration videos we have created by clicking the link below.

Looking for more information? Check out our other blog posts and social media!

Fire Safety Review

During our fire safety course, we talk a lot about how to prevent and be prepared if a fire were to occur not only in your facility but also in your home. So, take some time to review the modules in your handout, especially module 3, to learn about the different tools you need in your facility and home. As well as module 5 discusses how to be prepared in your home. Modules 7 and 8 spend time on how to educate your children or seniors, which are also great lessons to refresh on.

Looking for more information? Read our other great blog post we have written on how to educate others on fire safety, as well as our social media accounts are great places to look. We have a playlist on our YouTube page, as well as all the videos we show in class.


Of course, review only goes so far, so that is why it is required to be recertified every 2 years for CPR and First Aid and every 3 years for Fire Safety. When the time comes, we look forward to seeing you again! Click the link below to sign up for a class or request a class at your facility.

About First Response

First Response provides CPR, First Aid, and Fire Safety training to clients across Georgia and South Carolina for over 23 years. We believe training should be relevant, informative, and fun! Feedback from our clients consistently shows that they not only enjoy our classes, they learn something new–even for folks that have taken the class many times before.

Contact us to book a class for your facility, or sign up for a class here.

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