Child Care Marketing Tips to Stand Out to Parents & Families

by | Apr 19, 2024

Whether your child care is brand new or has been around for many years, you need to make it stand out from the other 93,124 child cares in the US. In Georgia, there are approximately 3,100 child care learning centers according to Bright from the Start. With that many child care facilities, you have to find ways to make yours stand out to parents and families. 

As the Digital Marketing Manager for First Response and the SEO and Web Specialist for KWSM: a digital marketing agency, I create and implement strategies that help First Response and many other businesses stand out. Here I will unpack ways to help your child care reach new families through child care marketing tactics and making a good impression.

What Makes Your Child Care Unique?

While all child cares have similarities, there are always a few distinguishing factors that set you apart. Brainstorm with your team or even ask your current parents why they chose you to help you find this. This is key for you to know since if you don’t know what makes you different, how do you expect a potential new family to know it? Once you know this, you should have this featured on your website, in your marketing materials, and be ready to point these out on tours. Many people know what makes them different but don’t make it clear, so remember to make this clear everywhere potential families would come in contact with your business. 

Below are a few questions to help you brainstorm what makes your child care unique, which will help you market that to parents. 

Questions to Ask Yourself to Help You Find What Makes You Unique:

Philosophy and Approach:

  • What is my core philosophy for early childhood education? (Play-based, Montessori, Faith Based, etc.)
  • How does my approach cater to the individual needs of each child?
  • Do I offer any specialized programs, like music or foreign language immersion?

Staff and Care:

  • What qualifications and experience do my caregivers have?
  • What is the caregiver to child ratio in my program?
  • Do I offer any additional support services, like social workers or developmental specialists?
  • Is my staff CPR, First Aid, and Fire Safety certified?

Learning Environment:

  • How is my learning space designed to encourage exploration and development?
  • Do I have access to outdoor play areas or nature experiences?
  • Do I incorporate innovative learning materials or technology?

Community and Communication:

  • How do I involve parents in their child’s learning journey?
  • Do I offer flexible scheduling or extended hours to meet family needs?
  • How do I build a strong sense of community within my program?

Special Considerations:

  • Do I cater to children with specific needs or dietary restrictions?
  • Am I located in a convenient or unique location?
  • Do I offer any sustainable practices or eco-friendly features?
  • Do I have any special items for safety or learning? (Like an AED or education technology.

Certifications, Awards, Reviews, and Testimonials

Having certifications, awards, reviews, and testimonials act as 3rd party credibility or social proof. Parents don’t want their child to be the guinea pig for a school that doesn’t have any reputation. They want to see that others have gone before them and had a successful interaction with your child care. If they see testimonials and reviews from other parents, they are more likely to want to use your services. One of the most important places to get reviews is on Google Reviews for your Google Business Profile. However, it can be difficult to get reviews. Here is my guide to why Google reviews are important and how to get those reviews. Getting Google reviews is essential for any local business like a child care, so ask all your parents to write them. Look at what competitors have in your area and set a goal to get more than them. Of all the things I talk about here, Google reviews are one of the most important, if not the most important.

As you get reviews and testimonials, you should put them on your website and on your marketing materials. For example, view how we display ours here.

Certifications and Awards

If your facility has certifications and/or awards, you should show them on your website and marketing materials. Showing logos from organizations that these certifications and awards are from helping you show how reputable you are as well. Don’t worry as much about this since peer reviews tend to matter more to parents than certifications and awards, but any you do have you should feature. 

For example, if your staff are CPR, First Aid, and Fire Safety certified by us, you could feature our logo. Even if they don’t recognise First Response, that helps them see that you are trained to help their child if they need it. All child care staff in Georgia is required to have CPR, First Aid, and Fire Safety certification and in South Carolina CPR and First Aid is required so technically this shouldn’t set you apart but there are facilities that are out of compliance and ensuring to your parents that you are fully certified helps you stand out. If you are interested in training in Georgia or South Carolina at your facility, contact us here to book a class or view our open classes to join here

Additionally, if you are Quality Rated or have other certifications or awards, make sure to feature those.

Search Engine Optimization for Child Cares

There is a whole science that goes behind the order of what comes up when you search for something in a search engine like Google. With search engine optimization or SEO, you can get in front of prospective parents looking for a child care for their son or daughter.

I’ll explain this in brief here but read this article I wrote for the agency I work for that explains everything that goes into ranking first in Google here.

Blogging for Child Cares

A great place to start with SEO is to start blogging on your website. If you don’t already have a website, then that should be your first step. Having a digital presence on a SEO optimized website is very important. Interested in a website for your child care? Get started with a website here.

When blogging a good place to start is writing articles answering the frequently asked questions that parents ask you on tours or via email. If parents are asking you, then they are definitely asking Google as well. Having articles that could come up in searches could help you get in front of parents that don’t know about you yet. 

Then, after you write about frequently asked questions, start to write articles that are relevant to your services and key differentiators we talked about earlier. Any topics you can find that are location focused would also be great. Since targeting searches with location focused will be less competitive and more specific to parents who are most likely to actually become customers.

You can also write about things specific to your child care, but those will have very little search volume, so you will want to target terms every parent will search, not just ones that know about your school already. Below are some example articles to consider.

Example Blog Topics for Child Cares

  • Choosing the Right Child Care Program for Your Child
  • What to Look for in a Child Care in [City Name]
  • Top Activities for Children in [City Name]
  • [Local Park Name] Activities: Fun Outings for Preschoolers
  • 10 Best Parks for Kids in [City Name]
  • The Importance of Play-Based Learning in Early Childhood Development
  • The Benefits of [Unique Service for example: Bilingual Education] in Childcare
  • How to Choose the Best Backpack for Preschooler

Clean Exterior and Interior

Another thing parents often look for is the overall cleanliness of your facility. It can be tough to keep things tidy with the chaos of children, but this is important, especially when parents are coming on tours. As for the outside, professional pressure washing and interior and exterior window washing services can be a great way to make your building stand out. We highly recommend Joe’s Window Washing, who has over 30 years of experience helping those in metro Atlanta and North East Georgia. He also does gutter cleaning if you need help getting clogged gutters cleaned out.

As for the inside, the best way is often teaming up so everyone can take care of their area or classroom with someone who is accountable to ensure this meets that standard of the facility. You can even get the kids involved by teaching them to clean up after themselves.

Showcase Overall Kindness of Staff

Most people who work with children are super kind because to work with kids you often have to be. However, this isn’t always the case. Showcasing how you interact with children and parents with kindness is important. On social media, show pictures and videos of your staff interacting with kids to show prospective parents it is a kind environment that their kid will love.

Similarly, you can showcase things your staff does well which encourages your team members and shows your parents you have qualified teachers.

Have Other Ideas to Make Your Child Care Stand Out?

If you have other child care marketing ideas, I’d love to hear them in the comments below. Also, if you have any questions about anything I explained below, please leave those comments as well. I hope this helps you get your facility out in front of new parents, so you can serve new families well. 

Remember, if you are looking for a CPR, First Aid, and Fire Safety training provider that we provide high-quality, fun, and affordable training across Georgia and South Carolina both online and in person. We have training specifically designed for working with children that helps you be prepared for any emergency.

About First Response

First Response provides CPR, First Aid, and Fire Safety training to clients across Georgia and South Carolina for over 23 years. We believe training should be relevant, informative, and fun! Feedback from our clients consistently shows that they not only enjoy our classes, they learn something new–even for folks that have taken the class many times before.

Contact us to book a class for your facility, or sign up for a class here.

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