CPR and First Aid: Life-Saving Skills for Foster Parents

by | Mar 30, 2023

Georgia and South Carolina State law requires all foster parents to be trained in CPR and First Aid as part of the process to become a foster parent. A Cleveland Clinic study shows that only 54% of all parents have been trained in the life-saving skill of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, CPR. As a foster parent, would you know what to do if a child stops breathing? 

One of the day-to-day tasks of being a parent is “preventing” accidents from happening. As a mother of three children, I’ve always said I go to bed at night exhausted from being in constant “prevention mode” staying one step ahead, preventing children from getting injured. However, sometimes injuries are unavoidable — Kids are FAST! Our CPR and First Aid course will provide foster parents with the knowledge of life-saving CPR along with First Aid skills that vary from everyday things like nose bleeds all the way to seizures and more. CPR skills are vital to preventing permanent brain damage or even brain death for a child. Did you know that brain damage begins when the brain is deprived of oxygen for only four short minutes? So acting quickly with CPR and the use of an AED if it is available is imperative.

What are the Training Requirements for Foster and Adopting Parents in Georgia?

In Georgia, DFCS (Division of Family and Children Services) oversees families wishing to become foster or adopting parents. DFCS requires all foster parents to complete CPR and First Aid training prior to earning final approval and maintain current certifications while serving as a foster parent. These training costs are reimbursable. CPR and First Aid Training is required for all primary and secondary foster caregivers.

What are the Training Requirements for Foster Parents in South Carolina?

Similarly, in South Carolina, the requirements are set by the DSS (Department of Social Services) to become foster parents. Just like DFCS, the DSS requires every foster parent to complete CPR and First Aid training prior to earning final approval and maintain current certifications while serving as a foster parent. Though online-only training is an option in SC, studies have shown that the best learning outcomes include hands-on practice with the CPR manikins, as provided in our First Response Training Courses. If you prefer just the online training option, you can do that here.

What is Covered in CPR and First Aid Training? 

In the CPR portion of the training, foster parents will receive the hands-on skills of performing chest compressions properly and effectively. Also, in the CPR portion, we teach you how to use an AED and respond if someone is choking. The First Aid portion of the class foster parents will receive essential knowledge on life-saving skills such as abrasions, bleeding control, allergic reactions, diabetes, heart-related illnesses, sprains and fractures, head injuries, amputations, poisons, burns, seizures, opioid-related emergencies, and more.

By receiving this training, you not only will meet the requirement to be a foster care parent, but you will also get peace of mind that you know what to do if an emergency were to happen. 

How Do I Get CPR and First Aid Certified?

At First Response, we have multiple options to for foster care parents. We have in-person and blended online options that both fully meet the training requirements for foster care parents. If you have a group of people with your foster care agency, you can host a class at your agency and we will come to you. If you would like to host a class, request a class here. If you do not have a group, we have classes you can join on-site across Georgia and South Carolina. We also have online hybrid classes, which are great if you don’t have enough people for the minimum or prefer the convenience of doing it from home. Visit our calendar page to find in-person and online classes to join. 

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About First Response

First Response provides CPR, First Aid, and Fire Safety training to clients across Georgia and South Carolina for over 23 years. We believe training should be relevant, informative, and fun! Feedback from our clients consistently shows that they not only enjoy our classes, they learn something new–even for folks that have taken the class many times before.

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  1. Holly Asherbranner

    Instructor was very knowledgeable about all the fields of first aid and CPR. He made the classroom feel comfortable with asking questions. I am proud I was able to recertify with the instructor this morning.


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