What Do Official Georgia Fire Safety Certificates Look Like?

by | Jun 14, 2024

Every few years, the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance and Safety Fire (OCI) changes the way the Official Fire Safety Certificates look. This course is officially called “Initial Student Caregiver Course (Fire and Life Safety)”. This is important so you don’t take an unofficial Fire Safety course with a non certified provider. This is what the Fire Marshal will look for when ensuring your facility is compliant. 

Only Fire Safety classes given by a live instructor who is certified by the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance and Safety Fire meet the requirements of the Georgia Fire Marshal, Bright from The Start, and the Department of Community Health. All of our Online and In Person Fire Safety Classes meet these requirements. 

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The 3 Most Recent Fire Safety Certificate Changes

As of May 2024, OCI has changed to the most recent Fire Safety Certificate, which is red, white and blue. Before that, they used one with an orange frame around it from Fall 2022 – May 2024. Then before that it had a Georgia state seal with a thin red/orange origami type border form May 2024 and later. 

If you are a director, this is important to know, so you don’t accept any illegitimate certificates from staff while also knowing that the new ones are legitimate certificates. These are all acceptable certificates assuming they are in date. It just depends on when the individual took the Fire Safety class. If you have out-of-date certificates or certificates from an illegitimate provider when the Fire Marchel does their annual inspection, then you could be liable to a fine.

May 2024 – Present Fire Safety Certificates

This certificate is the newest official certificate for taking a Fire Safety class certified by OCI.

Accepted from May 2024 – Present

Fall 2022 – May 2024 Fire Safety Certificates

This certificate was recently retired as the official certificate for taking a Fire Safety class certified by OCI. If an individual took the class between Fall 2022 – May 2024 and had this certificate, it is a valid certificate assuming it is still in date. This certificate started being used when the new Fire Safety system rolled out

Accepted from Fall 2022 – May 2024

Prior to Fall 2022 Fire Safety Certificates

This certificate was used for a long time and was retired around the summer of 2022 as the official certificate for taking a Fire Safety class certified by OCI. If an individual took the class before fall 2022 and the certificate is still valid, then it is a valid certificate.

2022 and later Sample Fire Safety Student Caregiver Certificate
Accepted Prior to Fall 2022

Need to Get You or Your Staff Fire Safety Certified?

We are a leading Fire Safety training provider in Georgia with decades of experience providing fun, convenient, and affordable Fire Safety training. Learn about our Fire Safety course here or request a class here. If you are an individual, check out our course calendar here for online and in-person classes you can join. 

What About Online Fire Safety?

We offer online Fire Safety classes once or twice a week on weeknights and Saturday mornings. This is a very convenient option to get Fire Safety Certified, and it meets all the same requirements as an in-person class, since you are still working with a live instructor via Zoom. Learn more about the requirements here.

You can sign up as just one person or your entire staff. You can even allow them to pick the times that work best for them and we can invoice you. View our online calendar here

About First Response

First Response provides CPR, First Aid, and Fire Safety training to clients across Georgia and South Carolina for over 23 years. We believe training should be relevant, informative, and fun! Feedback from our clients consistently shows that they not only enjoy our classes, they learn something new–even for folks that have taken the class many times before.

Contact us to book a class for your facility, or sign up for a class here.

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