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by | Sep 8, 2023

Many training organizations cost a fortune, which adds a barrier between people and the valuable knowledge they need. This is why our training is not just educational but affordable. If the cost is too high, fewer people will want to get trained and our mission is to help everyone be equipped with the knowledge and skills, they need to be a hero. As a result, we work hard to keep our prices low.

We provide CPR, First Aid, AED, Fire Safety, and Blood-borne Pathogens training across Georgia & South Carolina that is fun, informative, and affordable. Starting at $25 a person.

Why is CPR Certification Expensive?

It doesn’t have to be, but many training organizations charge an arm and a leg for training. This creates an obstacle for people to get certified, which is against our mission. Our training is training is very affordable compared to some classes that cost upwards of 80-100 dollars a person. All our classes are done at a group rate to help people save money while also learning such important material so they can jump in and be heros if the situation were to arise.

Does Affordable Training Mean Low Quality?

Absolutely not. We have been teaching people how to save lives for over 23 years and tailor each class to the audience we teach. Feedback from people who have taken more expensive courses before taking ours have often said it was, “so much better than anything else I have ever taken.” Don’t believe us? Read our 1,500 + 5 Star Google Reviews here. We love what we do and know you will love our courses as well. Learn more about the benefits of working with First Response here.

We also know the industries we serve very well. We understand the ins and outs of everything about your industry needs and training requirements. Not sure what you need, just contact us. We are here to help guide you with any of your training needs.

Additionally, we make it very convenient for you by coming to your facility at a time that works for your team. If you are an individual, you can join an existing in person class near you or take one of our online courses. View our course calender here.

Sounds good and ready to book? Request a class here.

How Much Does CPR Training Cost?

Cost of training varies based on the course and course format, but our classes start out at only $25 for CPR / First Aid and Fire Safety. If you need AED for those who have an AED onsite, then our CPR, First Aid, and AED cost $40. We also provide a variety of other courses like blood-borne pathogens which cost $20 and BLS, which cost $40. You will find it very difficult to beat these prices and non at our level of quality and care.

View all of our courses here.

How Can We Afford to Make Our CPR Training So Cheap?

We are able to make it so affordable by specializing in groups. All of our courses are priced at a group rate which allows us to keep the prices low. Additionally, all of our classes are hosted at our clients’ facilities, so it is convenient for them but also keeps our over head cost down. We promise you will love our courses for the cost and enjoyment.

Ready to Book a Class?

If you want to book a class for a group, head over to our contact us page and let us know what type of class you are interested in and we will be in touch. If you are an individual or have a small group, you can sign up for one of our existing classes, either in-person or online. Note that all of our online training options meet all the same requirements. Learn more about this here.

If you have any questions about training, just let us know here.

About First Response

First Response provides CPR, First Aid, and Fire Safety training to clients across Georgia and South Carolina for over 23 years. We believe training should be relevant, informative, and fun! Feedback from our clients consistently shows that they not only enjoy our classes, they learn something new–even for folks that have taken the class many times before.

Contact us to book a class for your facility, or sign up for a class here.

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